About us

About us: Action For Development and Research (ADR) is legally registered in both Kenya and Somalia, with operations in Africa as a whole. In Somalia, the firm was registered in 2011, while in Kenya, ADR obtained its registration in the year 2015. We have extensive experience in the provision of monitoring and evaluation services, research programs, and capacity development endeavours to donor-supported projects. We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable, highly skilled team, coupled with a robust infrastructural and logistical capacity that enables us to realize assignments in a very efficient and effective manner. 

Our Mission
To be the leading company in providing outstanding Research and Consulting in Emerging Issues for leading organizations, and to use research findings in designing programs that will address related issues in similar environments.
Our Vision

To support the development of the Horn of Africa by increasing understanding and knowledge through innovative approaches in socio-political engagement and strategic field-based research.

Our Core Values

Across projects, we have focused on integrating the following values in every part of our work:

Quality & Excellence

We employ a practical, meticulous approach to complex problems by providing multifaceted and tailored solutions in a timely manner.


ADR strives to develop new and creative ways to solve complex challenges based on direct knowledge of context, dynamics, actors and interests.


We establish relationships based on trust with our partners and strive to provide the best service, tailored to their specific needs.


Our relationships are based on trust, honesty and partnership.

Our Team

Our team includes multi-disciplinary experts, with each member carefully selected to ensure complementarity of skills to achieve the broader objectives of the projects we undertake. Additionally, each member of the team has specific expertise in more than one thematic area, thereby enabling knowledge synergies and deeper integration of outputs and deliverables.