Key Services

ADR has accumulated over 9 years of hands-on expertise working for and with community groups, LNGO/INGO’s, international bodies, and for-profit organisations – partnering with government representatives at the federal, regional state, and municipal levels. In Somalia, we have developed invaluable experience in safely and successfully operating in a country still emerging from two-and-a-half decades of civil war and the resulting chaos, rendering the context highly volatile and challenging. Our intimate exposure has shown us that traditional project approaches have too often failed, as they acted as straitjackets to communities, preventing them from effectively taking charge of their development agenda and programs.

Research and Development

We are one of the leading research firms on Somali issues, with a portfolio that encompasses in-depth political economy analysis, Land Disputes and service delivery in the public sector such as Judiciary and Local Administration. Based on research findings, ADR undertakes to implement desired initiatives to bridge the gap that currently exists. We not only do research, but we also implement various projects on the ground in collaboration with our donors and supporters. 

Monitoring & Evaluation

ADR undertakes various third-party monitoring and evaluation assignments for international  organizations implementing activities in Somalia. We act as the mirror to various humanitarian organizations who wish to see the impact of their programs on the ground, since Somalia remains unsafe for a majority of foreign and international employees.

Political & Economic Analysis

ADR employs a macro-level analysis assessing historical trends, interactions at the municipal level of political, security, economic and social processes and the diverse international stimuli. We work with various local professionals to achieve the desired outcome.

Rule of Law

Somalia is a fragile state, and it is known to be amongst the worst in the world in upholding the rule of law. ADR is working to promote rule of law in Somalia through research and dissemination of information. We promote justice service delivery in the judiciary and local communities. ADR initiatives on this includes; strengthening justice institutions; building human capacity so that judicial professionals are in a better position to administer justice; and enabling communities to seek redress through access to justice, with an emphasis on women and youth.


ADR works with other civil society organizations in Somalia to hold the government accountable and responsible for service delivery. ADR undertakes to inform communities on their rights to receive protection services and economic support from the federal government, regional local and district administrations.