Expanding Access to Justice Program

Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the EAJ program targets sustainable improvements to the quality and reach of justice services, while promoting a rights-based interpretation and application of laws and justice norms through State and customary justice institutions.

The Expanding Access to Justice (EAJ) program will strive to increase awareness and general knowledge of legal rights, human rights, and options for recourse, especially for Somali women, youth, and marginalized groups. It will respond to citizens’ needs by supporting civil society and government justice actors in sustainably improving the quality and scope of legal services.

The focus is on developing services that assist citizens in achieving rights-based outcomes through both the formal and informal justice system. Working with government and civil society justice sector actors, EAJ’s ultimate goal is to increase the quality, reach, availability, and accessibility of legal aid services of legal aid service delivery in Somalia and Somaliland.


Monitoring & Evaluation Programs

Our programme encouraged experimentation and adaptation to assess the effectiveness of different governance models. We achieved this by “embracing failure” – seeing each project activity as an opportunity to learn why some models work better than others in a fragile, conflict-affected environment.
This required an innovative approach to monitoring and evaluation, and an efficient system for managing all the knowledge and data captured during the project to create a robust evidence base for dissemination. The processes we developed gave us the freedom to test assumptions on what we know about governance, try out ideas and pilot test models.

Promoting Resilience in Somalia

ADR has been running emergency and long term resilience building projects including; health, food security & livelihoods, water and sanitation projects since 2015 to improve the living conditions of thousands of vulnerable families.
We work to increase access to clean water through rehabilitation or construction of water points, emergency water trucking as well as promoting the spread of good hygiene practices and the construction of latrines.
In addition, in response to severe food insecurity, we provide unconditional and conditional cash transfers, provide emergency fodder for livestock, emergency water trucking for livestock, distribute seeds, agricultural tools and irrigation fuel vouchers, and train farmers and herders on good husbandry practices

Somalia Accountability Program

ADR was sub-contracted by IAAAP to conduct applied research and test models on the ground for greater accountability across a range of themes, including civil society-state engagement, financial flows and extractive industries.

Through implementation of strategic, on-the ground action research interventions, ADR provided, disseminated and put into use a robust evidence base that effectively informed and equipped the Somali public, civil society and administrations to secure more accountable institutions and processes.

Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Training

AMISOM Political Affairs sponsored a peace initiative in support of South West State in building the capacity of traditional leaders in the mediation of local disputes.
The project was conducted by ADR experts’ facilitators with proven record  in  conflict  resolution, mediation and reconciliation.
The project was in consistent with AMISOM’s mandate under Security Council Resolution  2025  (2020)  and  the  African  Union  Peace  and  Security  Council  Communique  923 (2020) as it is also stipulated in theMIP 2020.
The tribal prone conflicts have adversely affected AMISOM’s mandate in support of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS).
Therefore, the confidence building among the communities is not only significant for AMISOM’s fulfilment of its mandate but also cohesion and unity of Somalis.

Peace Building and Reconciliation Programs

ADR was contracted by InterAID to assist in peace building activities and initiatives in Galmudug State, Abudweek and Dhusamareeb in the year 2019.

Benaadir Administration: Advisory Services on Lands.

Considering how sensitive the issue of land is in Somalia, a sound administration of land is hence one of the most important tasks not – only to the Department of Public works, but also to Benaadir Regional Administration and the people of Benaadir.

ADR came onboard to help coordinate land commission of the administration to oversee land conflict resolutions.

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